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Honda Accord Tourer 2-2 i-DTEC EX Automatic road test review by Oliver Hammond

Unless you happen to be an antiques dealer, someone who regularly hauls white goods around or the kind of person who doesn’t really care about cars as long as they’re practical, the majority of us are thankful that estate cars these days seldom look like boxes on wheels. Actually, most contemporary estates look very stylish, some even going as far as being sexy, many people considering them more desirable than their saloon counterparts. But not so with the old Honda Accord Tourer, unfortunately. The rear-end looked rather like an after-thought and was more or less vertical. Fast forward a few years and my car on test this week is the latest Honda Accord Tourer.

Honda Accord Tourer 2-2 i-DTEC EX Automatic road test review by Oliver Hammond - photo - Manchester City Stadium Eastlands 9


Honda’s designers have done a great job in styling what is technically the 8th generation of their international stalwart, the Accord. Using their chisels adeptly they have managed to chip, sculpt and smooth the previous model’s estate variant into an altogether much more attractive proposition.

The new Accord Tourer looks wider, sleeker, sportier and more expensive than the one it replaces. My test car looked elegant, stylish and impregnable in its Alabaster Silver paint job. The sleek and muscular front-end with its dashing spoiler is now complemented by a massively improved rear, which actually looks quite distinct. The rear design and its wide, wrap-around light clusters at the back have got a slight whiff of Insignia about them and especially from the side profile, the latest Accord Tourer looks much more the part. Goodbye slab-bum, hello curvy one.

Thankfully the lower window line is now partnered by a down-sloping roofline, resulting in an overall design that appeals to sports-estate lovers. Honda have fairly recently fettled the new Accord line-up even further, with extra chrome garnish, new grilles, lights and other little details, which all hit the spot very well. Honda have even put thought into the attractive door handles – and it is attention to detail that prospective buyers notice.

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Okay, it’s not a radical-looking car and the face of the previous generation wasn’t ‘broken’ so Honda subsequently haven’t ‘fixed it’ much, but seventy percent of Accord buyers will be from the traditionally more conservative corporate sector and it’s fair to say that quite a chunk of the remaining private buyers will come from the brand’s faithful band of followers. Honda’s press blurb cites the D-segment Accord Tourer’s primary rivals as the Continue Reading →


Cake, Cars & More Cars! SimonsCarSpots at Jaguar Land Rover, Gaydon

Having picked up a new Vauxhall Zafira Tourer the day before, kindly provided by Grimshaws Vauxhall of Eccles, Manchester, Simon and I got up at 05:30 to head down in the early hours to Gaydon, Warwickshire, to the Motor Heritage Museum and Jaguar Land Rover, for the JLR Experience Day. Here’s the short introductory video we made on our way down the M6:

Simon Ford & Oliver Hammond from SimonsCarSpots-com at Jaguar Land Rover JLR Experience Day March 2012 - Vauxhall Zafira Tourer SRi from Tilly at Grimshaws Eccles Manchester

As we got closer and closer to Gaydon, we increasingly felt like we were in motoring heaven, even whilst we were still on the M40. Jaguars, Land Rovers and Aston Martins were everywhere! On the drive down, we were in Twitter and SMS contact with Rob Griggs-Taylor (for PetrolBlog) and Chris Auty (Driving Spirit), who were also attending the JLR day.

Nearing the JLR site at the Motor Heritage Museum, we put aside any temptations the National Herb Museum stirred up in us, and resumed our infamous car spotting obsession the minute we parked up in the car park – A Maserati 3200GT, Audi S8, Hyundai Veloster… the list goes on!

Simon Ford & Oliver Hammond from SimonsCarSpots-com at Jaguar Land Rover JLR Experience Day March 2012 - Rob Griggs-Taylor

We were delighted to meet fellow Tweeter and SimonsCarSpots.com contributor Rob Griggs-Taylor (there on behalf of MajorGav’s PetrolBlog) a few minutes later, and had many a good natter with him throughout the day, over the abundance of wonderful cake, tea/coffee and lunch provided by Jaguar Land Rover. We also enjoyed meeting Chris Auty from Driving Spirit, who bravely tackled the off-road course straight after lunch! Our “Twitter table” was later joined by Andrew Merritt-Morling and another nice guy called James, and it was interesting to find out about their own motoring passions and involvements.

Simon Ford & Oliver Hammond from SimonsCarSpots-com at Jaguar Land Rover JLR Experience Day March 2012 - with Chris Auty from Driving Spirit

But enough of the waffle – what about the cars? Simon duly plunged straight in, his first car of the day being a white Jaguar XKR-S convertible, which he will be covering in his own blog post along with his drives of the Continue Reading →


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