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Which British Towns Have the Best Drivers?

Even though the term Sunday driver is used as a derogatory statement to describe someone who is driving too slowly or over cautiously, it actually derives from a historic appreciation of driving.

Originating in the 1920s, a Sunday driver was someone who would recreationally take their car out on a Sunday in order to drive for pleasure rather than purpose.

Britain still maintains that culture, and is home to a number of impressive scenic drives including the A82 towards Glencoe in the Scottish Highlands, the A4069 Black Mountain Road in Powys, and the A57 Snake Pass in the Peak District that runs between Manchester and Sheffield.

If you have ever wondered which British cities have the best drivers, recent research from Contract Hire A Car has revealed exactly that.

Contract Hire A Car looked at the towns / cities with more than 100,000 registered drivers, and then identified the safest 10 based on those with the lowest rates of driver disqualification:

City Registered Drivers Disqualifications Percentage Disqualified
Chelmsford 124610 206 0.1653%
Colchester 144063 242 0.1680%
Cheltenham 106570 184 0.1727%
Solihull 106379 196 0.1842%
York 181663 362 0.1993%
Wirral 116112 237 0.2041%
Cambridge 162285 341 0.2101%
Gloucester 113124 248 0.2192%
Brighton 113492 251 0.2212%
Swindon 156190 347 0.2222%

Taking the top spot is Chelmsford, with a mere 206 disqualifications in 2012, from a total of 124,610 registered drivers. This picturesque city in the East of England features an array of notable sights such as Hylands House and the River Can in the city centre. Many people choose to relocate to Chelmsford from nearby Essex and London.

Coming in a close second is Colchester with 242 disqualifications. Colchester has a rich history that includes Celtic and Roman influences. There are a number of Victorian landmarks here to enjoy including a Jumbo Water Tower and Colchester Town Hall.

This is closely followed by Cheltenham in Gloucestershire with 184 disqualifications, and Solihull in the West Midlands with 196 disqualifications. Cheltenham is a hub for festivals, such as the Literature, Jazz, Music and Food and Drink Festivals, and the television series The House of Eliott and Vanity Fair were partly filmed here. Solihull is located next to a number of scenic parks and nature reserves.

Completing the top five British cities with the best drivers is York in North Yorkshire with 362 disqualifications. This walled city encases a whole host of impressive historical points of interest. All throughout the city you can take in Medieval and Tudor architecture including the Minster, York Castle and Grand Opera House, as well as the magnificent River Ouse.

If you enjoy the experience of driving, as well as the history and culture of Britain’s historic towns and cities, take note of the locations mentioned above. In these cities you can feel safe in the knowledge that you will be amongst other good drivers. It is time to reclaim the Sunday drive!


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