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Ford Focus Zetec S EcoBoost 1-litre 125PS Hatchback road test review by Oliver Hammond

You’re right. Twelve months ago, we did indeed conduct a week-long test of another Ford with ‘Eco’ in its name. That was the 1.6-litre diesel ECOnetic Mondeo. You’re also quite right that we reviewed a Ford Focus earlier this year, albeit in estate form. It was another 1.6-litre Ford, but this time a petrol. The Ford under review this time is a much-hyped one with supposedly amazing credentials, hence us being keen to give it a full trial. The one I’m talking about is the 1-litre EcoBoost. Yup, a largish family hatchback powered by a puny 3-cylinder engine. Read on!

Ford Focus Zetec EcoBoost 125PS road test review by Oliver Hammond - photo - main


If you’ve read my Ford Focus Estate 1.6 Duratec petrol manual Ti-VCT 125PS Titanium review back in April, you’ll know that I think Ford have cracked it with the design of the new Focus’ front-end. This press car looked even more appealing, wearing its sports bodykit comprised an aggressive, jutty-outy front spoiler, 18” alloys, purposeful-looking rear diffuser, tinted windows, flared arches, a nice blend of angles and curves and a chunky boot spoiler.

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Most of you know I prefer discretely-coloured cars, but I actually loved the bright red (‘Race Red’, to be specific) paint job of this Focus. I still personally feel that the rear corners are too fussy, with overly-busy light clusters. But they blended into the red bodywork nicely in this case. This Zetec S model really didn’t look much different to the latest Focus ST, so if you want to buy into the sports hatch looks but want an engine that’s softer on the wallet, maybe this is the car for you.

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I won’t go into the absolute minutiae when it comes to the interior, either, having already covered a Focus comprehensively a few months ago. But suffice to say, the interior in this 1-litre Ecoboost Zetec S model was just as accomplished, solid and rammed full of technology and kit. Granted, there are too many Continue Reading →


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