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SEAT Exeo Sport Tech 2.0 TDI 170PS road test review by Oliver Hammond

Don’t worry. You’re not going mad. If the SEAT Exeo looks strangely familiar to you, that’s because it’s based on the previous ‘B7’ generation (2005-2008) Audi A4. The Exeo was originally launched in 2008 and SEAT have now decided to give it a bit of cosmetic surgery along with a few internal tweaks. The result? I reckon it now looks even more like an Audi than ever. But that’s not a bad thing, is it?

SEAT Exeo 2011 2012 facelift 2-0 TDI 170PS diesel Sport Tech road test review by Oliver Hammond - photo - external Ashton Tameside Enterprise 09


SEAT have never been ashamed about heavily basing the Exeo on the older A4, so I’m equally unashamed to start off on this admittedly well-beaten track. The Audi A4 ‘B7’ model was actually in itself not a new car in terms of chassis, but merely a new look for the existing ‘B6’ platform, which had been around since 2001. The B7 generation certainly wasn’t a bad-looker, with its ‘new-Audi’ open mouth, conservatively sporty lines and solid image. Since the B7 was replaced, the Audi range has started to look very samey. Anyway, back to the Exeo. In my view, it’s not a bad thing being based externally and internally on the older A4. To complain about inheriting such respected looks would be like a guy complaining that he looks like George Clooney or Daniel Craig.

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The Spaniards have recently given the Exeo a nose job, some eye surgery and a butt-lift – and I have to say I find all the tweaks more than agreeable. New bi-Xenon headlights with very attractive daytime running lights, partnered by equally eye-catching LED lights at the rear, make up the bulk of the exterior enhancements, save for a few re-angled creases. New alloys and paint colours are also now available and even though I’ve always been someone who prefers stealthy, discretely-coloured cars, I really took to my press car’s Emoción Red paint job. The 18” turbine-style ‘Quartz’ alloys also looked the business. The car being reviewed came in ‘Sport Tech’ trim, which is a relatively new option for the Exeo and externally-speaking, gives you sportier lower door mouldings, and tinted windows in the rear. It also came with a solar sunroof fitted. Granted, if SEAT try to squeeze many more years of life out of the B6/B7 platform and indeed the Exeo, it may be a bad move, but for now Continue Reading →


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