Owner-Founder, Social Media & Contents Director: is pedalled relentlessly by Simon Ford, an avid car spotter from Letchworth Hertfordshire  who bestows Twitter with his daily presence via @sf4d74. Simon’s a keen photographer who gets a shiver down his spine when he sees cars that are rare, interesting, or discontinued.

As well as publishing wonderful car spots, Simon  also publishes car road test reviews on the site, putting a press car through its paces every now and then.

When started, all the cars spotted in photos on were snapped by Simon himself. But since then, the interest in the site has been phenomenal and many motoring journalists and car fanatics have been keen to contribute their own photos to As a result, Simon runs a weekly Sunday Guest Spotters’ night 21:00 GMT on Twitter. *unless otherwise stated*

The site has attracted interest from the Guild of Motoring Writers due to its success being largely down to social media.

With 50,000 – 60,000 Unique Visitors per month becoming the norm, with its wealth of photos and car reviews, is set to continue its success story long into the future.

Best Wishes,

Simon Ford

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