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GOODWOOD Festival Of Speed 2015 (over 200 pics) #GoodwoodFOS

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Goodwood Moving Motor Show 2012 by Simon Ford (@Sf4d74) and Hemmings News, (@Hemmingsnews)

Goodwood’s Moving Motor show is held yearly as a prequel to Goodwood’s Festival of Speed.

Since there is no official British Motor show anymore, Goodwood has become Britains Biggest and best unofficial motor show, but with a difference!.

Apart from manufacturer’s showcasing there latest products and ideas, there is also a Formula 1, Rally, and Super car paddocks to get up close and personal with Legendary cars of the past and present throughout the said Genre’s, also if your lucky enough manufacturer’s will give you a ride up the famous Goodwood hill in their cars by means of an invite or by simply signing up and waiting your turn for a go.

Now In it’s 3rd year and sponsored by Simonscarspots and were invited by Autotrader to come along and enjoy a great day out.

But what sort of Combined article could We do, I hear you ask there’s so much to do and see and most people only Highlight the best bits, So We’ve decided to take you around Goodwood exactly as We visited it, so be prepared to see loads of photos sit back and enjoy Goodwood Moving Motor Show.

Before you get to the main gates there is usually a mini event to go and see, this year was no different the topic being Aviation, but being Simonscarspots we didn’t take any plane pics, but did spot this Zonda on the way in.

Anyway upto the main event we headed to the testdrive area where We went straight to RollsRoyce to see their Ghost and Ghost convertible.

Stepping from The RR stand I spotted T.V star/mechanic All-round Nice chap and Legendary giant Ed China I couldn’t resist a quick chat and a photo op.

Onto Ferrari to see the New FF

Then to Porsche to see the Gorgeous 918 spyder Making it’s debut at Goodwood

Followed by the Bmw M1

Then Dacia Duster

Heading out of the Test area We then started to work our way around the Manufacturers Main stands

Starting with Morgan Motor cars who are synonymous with making handmade British sports cars, Now heading back into coolness again appealing to a younger generation with their 3 wheeler and Aerosport coupe

Chief Morgan Designer Matthew Humphries

Next stop Skoda where the Citigo was the main draw, coolest thing on their stand was a Citigo D.j Booth

Next stop and a car We were looking forward to seeing was Toyota’s Gt-86

Also on the busy Toyota stand was the Gt2000

And the Ae-86

After being Invited to some refreshments in the Toyota v.i.p area We headed to the Michelin stand

Koenigsegg Agera

Gumpert Apollo

Weismann Mf3

Then a quick walk round to spot a Bowler Wildcat

Mazda Mx5 gt

Nissan Leaf Nismo rc

A.c Cobra

De Macross, Canadian supercar costing 1.5 million Dollars

Before heading over to the F1 Paddock featuring F1, Gt, Le-Mans cars

Maserati Mc12

Mercedes CLK-GTR

Audi R18 E-tron

Porsche 917k

AlfaRomeo Tipo 33 Tz3

6 Wheeled March

Lotus Europa

Legendary Lotus Jps selection

AlfaRomeo 183T

Ferari were just Unloading Alonso’s car as  We arrived at their stand

Racing Zonda R then comes rolling past

Then an Innocenti spotted as We head towards the Mclaren stand

Mclaren mp4-12c gt3

Lewis Hamilton’s F1 car

Jenson Button’s F1 car

Bentley Speed 12

After heading back to Toyota for more refreshments We took in the other half of the Manufacturers tents starting with



Jaguar Sportbrake

Next stop Lotus

Elan 26 R

Lotus Le-Man car

Then to Mercedes

C63 Black edition

Ml 63 Amg over £100,000

Gold wrapped G-wagon (why! just why!)

Every year there’s a featured car in enclosed by a picket fence, (not sure why) this year was no exception, and it was the turn of the Noble M600

Noble M600

After getting a couple of shots of cars being driven up the hill

Audi R8 climbing the hill

Mazda Mx5  Gt

Porsche Panamera Hybrid

It was Time to get a better look at the Porsche 918 Spyder

Before making my way Towards the Supercar Paddock

Spotting the new Ferrari California 30 on the way

Now I’ll be honest here, I totally missed the F1 and Supercar paddocks last year, due to it being my 1st time at Goodwood and just snapping everything I saw like a 2yr old,

Now I realise that this was a major mistake as you’ll all see from the next Pictures with the Supercar paddock being the highlight of ANYONES day!.

AlfaRomeo Tz3

Lamborghini Aventador

Lexus LFA

Weismann Gt MF5

Ferrari Stand

Ferrari California 30

Ferrari 458 Spyder

Me being allowed into the 458 spyder thanks to Jason Harris @FNEPR (Pictured)

AlfaRomeo 8c

Infiniti Emerg-E

Gta Spano


Ruf CTR3 Sport

Savage Rivale

Chevrolet Silverado

Ford Sierra RS500

Lancia Stratos

Amc Spirit Pikes Peak

1953 Ferrari 250 MM

1983 Lancia-Ferrari LC2

Porsche 962, 917, 956

1992 Peugeot 905 Evo 1B

1989 Sauber-Mercedes C9

Jaguar XJR-8/9, XJR-9 LM, XJR11

1911 Fiat S74 Grand Prix

1912 Sunbeam Coupe de l’Auto

1914 Sunbeam Indianapolis

1927 Delage 15 S8

1934 Maserati 8CM

The Maserati 8CM was the last car for the day as time was getting on, We’d arrived at 8:45 am and it was now around 5:15 pm We’d spent an amazing day at Goodwood Moving Motor Show.

Wandering around each and every manufacturer’s stand’s, enjoying the freedom of being allowed to walk around the paddocks in awe of the Legendary cars past and present, private cars from the collections of Individuals/companys that they’re proud to own and display for everybody to see and get very very close too.

Just remains for Us  to say a big thank you to Autotrader uk for supplying us with this years tickets,

And Toyota uk for their Hospitality throughout the day

Until next year

Simonscarspots and Hemmings News Team


Skoda Octavia vRS 2.0 TFSI Hatch Road Test Review by Oliver Hammond

In rather conspicuous but nevertheless gorgeous Storm Blue metallic paint and adorned with a sizeable boot spoiler, a gaping, aggressive front grille and chunky bumpers, shiny red brake callipers, sporty 18” Neptune alloy wheels and a few tasteful vRS badges dotted around the place, the Škoda Octavia vRS hatch certainly makes for an attention-grabbing package. But does it drive as well as it looks and how does it fare in general terms?

2012-06-16 Skoda Octavia vRS TFSI petrol 200PS hatch road test review by Oliver Hammond SimonsCarSpots - lead photo

Czech me out!

Having reviewed a whole stream of white-coloured press cars over recent weeks, I was delighted when my latest test car, the Škoda Octavia vRS hatch, rolled up in a wonderfully sporty, vivid and invigorating shade of electric blue. Red brake callipers make any decent car look even more meaningful, but spoilers can sometimes make or break a car. The Octavia vRS is well-respected without any hint of chaviness about it and I think the whole sport package is pulled off rather well, in a classy, desirable kind of way. In my view, it looks great from most angles, especially to the front and sides. This generation of the Octavia has been around since 2005 and was facelifted in 2009, but the rear could perhaps do with some fresh cosmetic work once again. This is the kind of sports hatch that can be appreciated by both younger sections of society and also the more mature. Obviously, if you want slightly more discretion, just opt for one of the more subtle colour choices. Size-wise, despite being quite large at 4.57m in length and just over 2m wide including wing mirrors, it’s a fairly easy car to drive, even without parking sensors. And being made by Škoda who are part of the Volkswagen Group (VAG), it has an exceptionally solid and reliable image to it. Although not perhaps quite as meticulously built as an Audi, the Octavia looks inarguably solid with nice tight panels. As with the rest of their current range in general, Škoda have given the Octavia Continue Reading →


The Huge & Ever-Growing Un-Official SMMT Test Day 2012 Millbrook Photo Gallery


Feast your eyes on our veritable banquet of photos from the 2012 SMMT Test Day at Millbrook Proving Ground, taken by Messrs Oliver & David Hammond – the latter enthusiastically assuming photographer duty for the day, as well as co-driving the Peugeot 3008 review car we travelled down from Manchester in. Our photo gallery album is not in any way officially associated with SMMT. It comprises photos of the SLS AMG, Twizy, Maloo, Panamera, Chevrolet Volt, Simon Harris, Keith Jones, Scott Brownlee and countless other cars and names from the motoring industry. You can also see some of the wonderful stands run by manufacturers and their PR teams such as Skoda, Kia and Peugeot, as well as the Hill Route, High Speed Circuit and interesting number plates like ‘1 BMW’ and Vauxhall’s DE51RED. Enjoy!


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