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Choosing The Right Insurance Cover

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Owning a car is every person’s dream. A car is a major investment and hence, any decision with regard to buying one calls for prudence. When you buy a car, one of your first instincts is to save it from any sort of damage. From taking care that it doesn’t even get a scratch to buying insurance, you exercise caution at every step. But how should you decide which insurance cover is best suited for your car?
Firstly, you should know your options. There are two kinds of motor insurances, third party motor insurance and comprehensive motor insurance. The difference between the two is that, while a third party motor insurance covers only the damages caused to another’s vehicle and its passengers due to your mistake, a comprehensive motor insurance covers everything. Under third party insurance your vehicle is not covered, whereas in comprehensive motor insurance, both the third party vehicle and your vehicle are covered. It covers for the injuries caused to the passengers of both vehicles. This cover also includes any damages to your vehicle in case of unfortunate events such as thefts, fires, and natural calamities among others.
While both kinds of motor insurances, third party and comprehensive, have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages; you should ultimately go with the latter, especially if you live in Dubai. Even though a comprehensive motor insurance is more expensive than a third party insurance, it covers a greater number of damages, lowering the risk of your purchase. A third party insurance is suitable only when your vehicle is of low value and the cost of its repair, in case of any future damage, is less than the premiums of comprehensive insurance.
It is absolutely necessary for you as a car owner, to have motor insurance in the UAE. As far as car insurance in Dubai is concerned, the minimum requirement by law is to buy third party insurance. But as statistics show that accidents in Dubai are more frequent than most other places, it is best to choose the comprehensive cover. Although not mandatory, the comprehensive insurance policy, which covers every single damage caused to you, your car, and the other party involved, is highly recommended in Dubai.

It is of paramount importance that you choose the best insurance policy for your vehicle, while keeping its value in mind. Besides material worth, there are precious lives involved. So, go ahead and exercise a safe choice with comprehensive car insurance policy.

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BFGoodrich ALL-TERRAIN T/AK02 Tyres

Tyres!,Tyres!,Tyres! That’s all we hear whenever a motorsport driver wins a race they thank the tyres.
But what do we the normal person know about tyres except that they help our Cars, Bikes, bicycles etcetera stick to the road,and Help keep us out of the proverbial ditch of death!
We know you can pay anything from peanuts to a small fortune for some good ones, so I thought I’d take a look at the New BFGoodrich All Terrarin T/AK02 which was Released in The United states last year and set to come to the Europe very soon.


As many of you Know BFGoodrich Created the ALL-TERRARIN tyre in 1976 and have been market leaders ever since,
but what’s so special about This new one I hear you ask?

Well for starters! The BFGoodrich® All-Terrain T/A® KO2 tire is the first consumer tire to incorporate the company’s race-proven and race-winning CoreGard™ technology that gives it unmatched toughness against sidewall splitting. Compared to the already formidable current KO tire, the new KO2 is 20 percent stronger in this critical off-road performance area

BFGoodrich-All-Terrain-T-A-sup-KO2-sup (1)

The rugged KO2 is also durable, lasting twice as long on gravel roads and 15 percent longer on asphalt, allowing off-road enthusiasts to extend their adventures and working professionals to get more use out of the tire.

In addition, the KO2 improves its already legendary tradition of all-terrain performance with 10 percent greater traction in the mud2 and 19 percent greater traction in the snow4 compared to the previous-generation KO tire.

BFGoodrich-All-Terrain-T-A-sup-KO2-sup (2)

The KO2 is an all-season tire that will carry the 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol, indicating that it exceeds the Rubber Manufacturer Association’s severe snow traction requirements.

Building on BFG’s long heritage as an innovative all-terrain tiremaker, the KO2 incorporates technology developed and tested through the brand’s legendary off-road motorsports teams that have earned 80 off-road wins at races in the Baja peninsula – by far the most of any other tire brand.

So it’s quite technical! -long lasting!-and very capable on any surface without having to change tyres before tackling the rough with the smooth.


All this equates to a better product for the consumer, by providing a long lasting, durable tyre for any surface with the Benefits below.

Tougher Sidewalls The KO2 uses CoreGard technology developed in the Baja T/A KR2 for split and bruise-resistant sidewall rubber and a thicker, extended shoulder to prevent sidewall failures. Computer modeling was used to predict object paths and create a sidewall design most likely to deflect protruding objects, reducing the chances of splits and snags. The result is a tougher tire as consumers take on trails of various conditions.
Longer Treadlife: The KO2 has a new tread design and rubber formulation that helps it last twice as long on gravel and 15 percent longer on asphalt than the previous tire. The tread rubber has been optimally blended to reduce chips and tears on gravel. A new footprint shape and interlocking tread design provide more uniform wear over the long haul. Special stone ejectors push objects out of the tread to reduce drilling into the tire.
Aggressive Traction: The KO2 also has a range of tread features for better mud and snow traction. Side-Biter lugs in the sidewall improve traction in mud, snow and rocks. Raised bars in the shoulder help release compacted mud for better traction in soft soil. 3-D sipes create biting edges for better snow traction.

so if your Looking for adventure ? Come test the new BFGoodrich All Terrain T / AKO2 to the end of the world and watch the cool video at the top of the page.

GOODWOOD Festival Of Speed 2015 (over 200 pics) #GoodwoodFOS

Goodwood 2015 001 Goodwood 2015 002 Goodwood 2015 003 Goodwood 2015 004 Goodwood 2015 005 Goodwood 2015 006 Goodwood 2015 007 Goodwood 2015 008 Goodwood 2015 009 Goodwood 2015 010 Goodwood 2015 011 Goodwood 2015 012 Goodwood 2015 013 Goodwood 2015 014 Goodwood 2015 015 Goodwood 2015 016 Goodwood 2015 017 Goodwood 2015 018 Goodwood 2015 019 Goodwood 2015 020 Goodwood 2015 021 Goodwood 2015 022 Goodwood 2015 025 Goodwood 2015 026 Goodwood 2015 027 Goodwood 2015 029 Goodwood 2015 081Goodwood 2015 082Goodwood 2015 083Goodwood 2015 084Goodwood 2015 085Goodwood 2015 086Goodwood 2015 087Goodwood 2015 088Goodwood 2015 089Goodwood 2015 090Goodwood 2015 091Goodwood 2015 092Goodwood 2015 093Goodwood 2015 094Goodwood 2015 095Goodwood 2015 096Goodwood 2015 097Goodwood 2015 098Goodwood 2015 100Goodwood 2015 101Goodwood 2015 102Goodwood 2015 103Goodwood 2015 104Goodwood 2015 105Goodwood 2015 106Goodwood 2015 107Goodwood 2015 108Goodwood 2015 109Goodwood 2015 110Goodwood 2015 111Goodwood 2015 112Goodwood 2015 113Goodwood 2015 114Goodwood 2015 115Goodwood 2015 117Goodwood 2015 118Goodwood 2015 119Goodwood 2015 120Goodwood 2015 121Goodwood 2015 122Goodwood 2015 123Goodwood 2015 124Goodwood 2015 125Goodwood 2015 126Goodwood 2015 127Goodwood 2015 128Goodwood 2015 129Goodwood 2015 130Goodwood 2015 131Goodwood 2015 132Goodwood 2015 133Goodwood 2015 134Goodwood 2015 135Goodwood 2015 136Goodwood 2015 137Goodwood 2015 138Goodwood 2015 139Goodwood 2015 140Goodwood 2015 141Goodwood 2015 142Goodwood 2015 143Goodwood 2015 144Goodwood 2015 145Goodwood 2015 146Goodwood 2015 147Goodwood 2015 148Goodwood 2015 149Goodwood 2015 150Goodwood 2015 151Goodwood 2015 152Goodwood 2015 153Goodwood 2015 154Goodwood 2015 155Goodwood 2015 156Goodwood 2015 157Goodwood 2015 158Goodwood 2015 159Goodwood 2015 160Goodwood 2015 161Goodwood 2015 162Goodwood 2015 163Goodwood 2015 164Goodwood 2015 165Goodwood 2015 166Goodwood 2015 167Goodwood 2015 168Goodwood 2015 169Goodwood 2015 170Goodwood 2015 171Goodwood 2015 172Goodwood 2015 173Goodwood 2015 174Goodwood 2015 175Goodwood 2015 176Goodwood 2015 177Goodwood 2015 178Goodwood 2015 179Goodwood 2015 180Goodwood 2015 181Goodwood 2015 182Goodwood 2015 183Goodwood 2015 184Goodwood 2015 185Goodwood 2015 186Goodwood 2015 187Goodwood 2015 189Goodwood 2015 190Goodwood 2015 191Goodwood 2015 192Goodwood 2015 193Goodwood 2015 194Goodwood 2015 195Goodwood 2015 196Goodwood 2015 197Goodwood 2015 198Goodwood 2015 199Goodwood 2015 200Goodwood 2015 201Goodwood 2015 202Goodwood 2015 203Goodwood 2015 204Goodwood 2015 205Goodwood 2015 206Goodwood 2015 207Goodwood 2015 208Goodwood 2015 209Goodwood 2015 210Goodwood 2015 211Goodwood 2015 212Goodwood 2015 214Goodwood 2015 032 Goodwood 2015 033 Goodwood 2015 037 Goodwood 2015 038 Goodwood 2015 039 Goodwood 2015 040 Goodwood 2015 043 Goodwood 2015 044 Goodwood 2015 045 Goodwood 2015 046 Goodwood 2015 047 Goodwood 2015 048 Goodwood 2015 049 Goodwood 2015 050 Goodwood 2015 051 Goodwood 2015 052 Goodwood 2015 053 Goodwood 2015 054 Goodwood 2015 055 Goodwood 2015 056 Goodwood 2015 057 Goodwood 2015 059 Goodwood 2015 060 Goodwood 2015 061 Goodwood 2015 062 Goodwood 2015 063 Goodwood 2015 064 Goodwood 2015 065 Goodwood 2015 066 Goodwood 2015 067 Goodwood 2015 068 Goodwood 2015 069 Goodwood 2015 070 Goodwood 2015 071 Goodwood 2015 072 Goodwood 2015 073 Goodwood 2015 074 Goodwood 2015 075 Goodwood 2015 076

Top 5 Retention Cars with Maximum ROI

Top 5 Value retention cars

The first choice of indulgence is almost always a car. Unfortunately this becomes an expensive affair. Apart from the price, automobiles usually begin to lose value the moment they are driven out of the showroom. Here is a list of the top 5 cars that retain their value for as long as over 3 years.


1. Porsche Cayenne Diesel
One of the most successful SUVs in recent times, the Porsche Cayenne is stunning in design and build. A twin-turbo V8 accelerates the car up to 62mph in 5.7 seconds while ensuring fuel efficiency. Precision in steering, elegant exteriors and comfortable interiors make this model absolutely irresistible. A 3 year old used car for sale, of this model,would be priced in the range of GBP 40,000; thus having a retention value of 83.4%!


2. Audi Q5
Launched in 2009, the Audi Q5 is an SUV, comfortably camouflaged to feel like a car. Its interiors have sophistication and are steeped in luxury. Well-proportioned and spacious, the car is a smaller and better version of the unnecessarily larger Audi Q7. The car rewards you with an average fuel consumption of 41.5mpg, besides retaining about 72.5% of its value after 3 years on the road. Other features include anti-theft device, electromechanical power steering and light and rain sensor. You could buy a used Audi Q5 in the range of GBP 38000.


3.BMW X3
Although first launched in 2004, the BMW X3 found its best form in its second generation of cars. The car promised to be greener, faster and cheaper! It is a really quick SUV and the six-cylinder xDrive30d can drop the 0-62mph time by over two seconds. With a rear-drive option and extremely efficient engines, the car ensures a smooth run across varied roads and surfaces. An ideal blend of practicality, luxury and durability, the automobile retains about 70.3% after 3 years and should be in the range of GBP 28,000.


4.Land Rover Discovery 4
A 7-seater, the Land Rover Discovery 4 has improvised interiors, enhanced technology and a distinctive look that sets it apart from all other SUVs. Comfortable for the on-road and off-road, this automobile qualifies as an all-rounder and is probably the best version from among its predecessors. An InControl option, parking sensors, climate control, Bluetooth and a well-integrated infotainment system complete the car in terms of fine interiors. A 3 year old should cost you anywhere in the range of GBP 40,000 at a retention rate of 69.2%.


5. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
First introduced decades ago, the Mercedes Sprinter is essentially a cargo van. It is equipped with several great features such as LED daytime running lamps and a spacious cockpit and ergonomic dashboard to remove fatigue that comes after long hours of driving. The infotainment system includes a 5.8-inch touch screen, Bluetooth connectivity, SD card slot, and a telephone pad. In order to save fuel, the Sprinter is equipped with a power steering pump that only kicks in when needed. After 3 years, the Mercedes Sprinter has a retention value of nearly 50% and should cost close to GBP 20,000.
Buying a second hand car often involves detailing and assessing many factors. It is advisable to deal with a reliable and experienced dealer, such as Hertz Rent2Buy for a hassle-free experience.

Chris Evans to leave Radio2 (using Chris’s own Logic)

Confirmation Chris Evans is leaving Radio2! (Sometime in the future using Chris’s own Logic! ) – Chris Evans stated a week or two ago he’s not going to be a Top Gear Presenter!

First tweet as new Top Gear host. I would like to say Jeremy, Richard & James are the greatest. And NO I’m not leaving the R2 Breakfast Show (from Chris Evans)

@achrisevans is that the Same NOT! Leaving Radio2!, as the NOT! Presenting TopGear statement/Quote meaning your leaving Radio2

Which means if he says No! To being the TG Presenter then becomes the New TG Presenter, then working on Chris Evans own logic the ‘No I’m not leaving Radio 2) actually means ‘He’s leaving Radio2!


5 of the biggest land vehicles in the world from Contributed Post

carbuyertom ..\Documents\5 of the biggest land vehicles in the world.htmThis week’s blog has been penned by the fabulous people at www that you enjoy! As usual, comments on Twitter are welcome @carbuyertom @simonscarspots

5 of the biggest land vehicles in the world
If someone asked you to name some huge land vehicles that come to mind, many of you would probably mention bulldozers, tractors and cranes.
Whilst those vehicles are admittedly all massive, there are a set of land vehicles out there that truly dwarf any crane or bulldozer that you (or anyone you know) has seen.
We’re talking about land vehicles that make Range Rovers look like ants. Seriously.
Now I bet your dying to know what these land vehicles are and why you’ve never heard of them before – read on to find out!

5. Herrenknecht EPB Shield S-300
What it is: The Herrenknecht EPB Shield S-300 is the world’s biggest tunnel boring machine. It has been used to bore an over 3.5km mega tunnel for the M30 motorway in Madrid, Spain.
How big it is: It’s 374 feet long and has a shield diameter of 50 feet. Weight 4,364 tonnes!

3. Big Muskie
What it is: It’s the largest single bucket digging machine ever built. It can eat it’s way through 295 tonnes in one go. It’s owned by the Central Ohio Coal Company and operated in Ohio from the years 1969 to 1991. Oh, and it’s all got a really cool name.
How big it is: Width 151 feet, Height 222 feet, length 478 feet. Weight 13,500 tonnes!

2. F60 Overburden Conveyor Bridge
What it is: It’s one of the largest movable technical industrial machines in the world. There are four of them in operation today; they are primarily used in used in brown coal opencast mining in Germany.
How big it is: Width 787 feet. Height 262 feet. Length 1,647 feet. Weight 13,600 tonnes!

1. Bagger 293
What it is: It’s a gigantic bucket wheel excavator made by the German company TAKRAF and can move an astonishing 240,000 cubic metres of earth daily. The 293 is one in a long line in monster land machines (others include the Bagger 281, Bagger 285 and Bagger 287). According to the video below its “more than two professional football fields in length and as tall as a 30 story building”!
How big it is: Height 315 feet. Length 638 feet. Weight 14,200 tonnes!

I hope you enjoyed our breakdown of some of the world largest land vehicles, These machine monsters really are in a league of their own and are bigger than anything you’ve seen in any city or town.
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A Genuinely Interesting Thought! from Simon Ford @sf4d74

Hi Folks,

It’s been a while since I last wrote anything!

But ‘I’ve had a genuinely interesting Thought’ that I’d like to share.

Now we all know from looking outside our windows that the snows here, but after that we’re left with snow and ice (or Snice) as I like to call it, and we all know that In Snice season if you drive a rear wheel drive car as soon as you touch that accelerator it’s back end slides out like a puppy on lino!

And this got Me thinking ‘Whats the best type of car to drive on Snice!

There’s no forgone conclusion to My Genuinely interesting Thought but it goes like this,

If we take four cars one a petrol front wheel drive manual, a petrol automatic, one E.V (which is usually auto) and a Hybrid which would be the best for driving these conditions?

Now if we start with the petrol Manual we all know from experience that we are in full control of the vehicle at all times, we control the clutch and throttle so we can be in full control at all times!

Now the next Car to test would be the Petrol automatic, which to an extent we only control the throttle, touch it to hard or slip and the wheels start spinning thus loosing control and ending up like the Rear wheel drive car on the side of the road! also from experience the ABS cuts in a lot earlier than a manual car

The Third car which is the test is the E.V! as I mentioned earlier most are automatic with instantaneous power delivery with one speed, meaning theoretically  (in my mind anyway) all the power and being an auto you’d inevitably end up spinning due to the instantaneous delivery of that power! – plus you’d have to unplug it so another minus.

The last car but not the least would be a Manual Hybrid it’s got the battery’s of the E.V to power all four wheels (the 2016 prius will be AWD – Probably)  and the manual gearbox to control how it’s delivered making it sound pretty usable in Snice.

Like I said at the start there’s no conclusion or outcome to what I’ve written so My ‘GENUINELY INTERESTING THOUGHT’ is Why hasn’t anyone done a test to see what’s best!

Classics, Plastics, and the Fantastics: Simon’s SMMT 2014 Report Part 2

Simon Ford founder of

Hi everyone,

Hope you’ve all had a good week and the sun is still shining! Following on from my blog last week, it’s time to have a look at what else I managed to take a good look at on my SMMT 2014 day out!

Infiniti Qx70 S

Now, Infiniti have been for sale in the UK for a few years now and have been an under-the radar-leftfield choice for those who want a premium SUV but don’t want to be seen in a Porsche Cayenne or Range Rover Sport.

Are they any Good?

Style wise, the QX70 S looks lower than the Porsche and the Range Rover – thanks to some great Lines and curves by the Infiniti Designers – yet it rides on 21″ wheels.

Interior wise, everything is laid out in a logical, easy to use way and despite being full of dark colours, it is not at all oppressive. The seats are very supportive and comfortable; they are also adjustable in every way possible (in fact, I’d even say it was the 2nd best interior of cars I drove that day…the winner being the Rolls Royce Wraith but we’ll see that later).

The Engine is a 3.0 v6, developing 550nm of torque and 238ps; it is mated to a 7 speed gearbox. This model reaches 0-62 in 8.6 seconds (which is quick for a big 3.0 diesel) but the driving experience feels a bit quicker due to its Excellent Rear Active Steer. This means that the rear wheels turn to assist handling,which if I’m honest is brilliant – it made the Infiniti QX70-s very fun and it was my joint 2nd most fun car of the day. Even the view from the drivers seat was excellent (even though it was a bit Porsche-esque due to it’s bonnet humps).

Overall, the Infiniti QX70-S is a fantastic alternative to The Porsche Cayenne and Range Rover Sport and at just over £40,000, it is Reasonably priced too.

SimonsCarSpots Rating 8.7 / 10

Maserati Ghibli Diesel

Appearing at SMMT for the first time was the iconic brand Maserati who have always been one of my boyhood heros with the Bora, the Shamal and the Original Ghibli to name but a few of the cars in their portfolio. The New Ghibli Diesel was the one that I was looking forward to driving the most on the day.

The design of the Ghibli is – dare I say it – a little restrained (sorry!) but still stands out as a GT car, especially from the front with that Iconic ‘M’ on the grille. However, the rest of the Ghibli is a bit “marmite” – you’ll either love it or hate it depending on which angle you look at it from.

It is also a shame that the theme continues on the inside as well; long gone were the days of wood, leather and the amazing oval Breitling Clock that adorned the dash. In their place are now dark colours and a rather subdued design; even though there was no doubting the Ghibli’s use of quality materials, it just felt like something was slightly missing.

There were two good bits I really liked about the new Ghibli diesel and number one was the Fantastic 3.0 v6 diesel engine. Built and designed in house by Maserati and Manufactured by Ferrari for the use in Maserati only, it develops 275hp, has a massive 600Nm of torques and can do up to a claimed 47mpg.

But that’s not the best bit: the best bit for me is the Maserati Active Sound System that is built so Maserati fans can tell which Maserati you’re driving by it’s engine note. This means in practice that it doesn’t sound like a diesel AT ALL and is the only diesel in the world that I’ve ever driven that actually sounds like a petrol. Praise where praise is due to Maserati and Ferrari for that one.

The other thing I liked about the Ghibli was the Chassis – while it can be tail happy, fun, excellent and put a smile on your face, it is a proper driver’s car and if you’re not careful it will kill you if you’re not on top of your game.

Overall, a mixed bag from the Maserati Ghibli Diesel. It’s a good alternative to a Jaguar, Mercedes or a Bmw and costs £48,835,00, it has the most amazing diesel engine you’re ever likely to encounter and the chassis to to let you know your driving a true drivers car. Then, you are let down by the restricted styling and the so-so interior

SimonsCarSpots Rating engine alone 10/10 overall though 7.3

Dacia Sandero Stepway Ambiance

Does anyone remember when Renault built a decent car that everyone brought and liked? I do – it was the 2002 Renault Scenic. You know the one the one without the rubbish keycard start and the good looks?

Well, this Sandero is the modern equivalent, offering a fantastic package, a willing engine and an excellent price for a 5 seat car that offers true economical motoring. What else can I say?

SimonsCarSpots Rating 6.9 / 10

Rolls Royce Wraith

In part one of my SMMT Test day, I drove the Rolls Royce Phantom and stated it was a car to be driven in and not a car to Drive. Now, the Wraith if the newest model from Rolls Royce that’s designed to be driven and not to be driven in and I have to say that the Wraith has achieved this very, very well.

Starting with the interior of the Wraith, as ever with Rolls Royce, it’s very opulent and you and your passengers want for nothing. It even has the most inviting interior of any modern car on sale today; from the gorgeous graining and patterning on the doors to the chrome ashtrays, Rolls Royce have hit a winner on the Wraith.

The styling of the Wraith from the front – three quarters look amazing in the flesh with so much road presence and awe inspiring looks from anyone that sees it. The rear end is reminiscent slightly of the Bentley GT.

On the road, the Wraith belies its size; yes, it’s still a big car but it’s chuck-able round most corners and eats miles up for breakfast with ease. It is powered by a 6.6 litre BMW sourced engine that produces 624bhp – you’d think it would be a complete Tyre Shredder, but that’s not what the Wraith is about.

Granted it is a Drivers Roller, but Rolls Royce don’t want their customers to kill themselves or have too much fun encouraging raucous do-nutting, elevenses, or white knuckle driving, so everything is done calmly and smoothly whilst you are still in the utmost comfort.

Overall, this is Rolls Royce’s best ever driving car and of course, it’s fantastic.

SimonsCarSpots rating 9.1 / 10

I do hope that you have enjoyed my summary of my antics on the 2014 SMMT day – watch this space for more fun blogs every Sunday and join in the chat on Twitter with myself and Motor Mistress daily!

Classics, Plastics and the Fantastics: Simon’s SMMT 2014 Report – Part 1

Simon Ford founder of

Well it’s 22nd May 2014 and it’s time for the Annual SMMT Test Day at Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedfordshire.

As always, it’s the Greatest honour that a Journalist or Blogger can receive on their yearly calender to be invited to attend.

I arrived – every year as I do -at 7.30 am meet up with a few people whilst we wait for the bus to take us to the Concept Centre for an 8am opening where bacon rolls and coffee/orange juice await us. We then go in for an industry briefing by SMMT Chief Executive Mike Hawes and a Safety Briefing from Keith Lewis, which is always great fun (especially when someone mutters ‘I’ve been driving for years – why do I need a safety briefing?’ and of course, every year someone always Stacks a Car at SMMT).

Believe Me – if you get invited to attend, then please do pay attention to everything.

Anyway I digress; it’s 9am and it’s time to collect our passes to go and drive the days’ delights (but what usually happens is that at this time, everyone piles out the doors, snatch their passes and head straight to Mclaren and This Year Alfa Romeo because of the 4C).

I, on the other hand, had different ideas for the day – 1st stop NewsPress Stand.

On display was probably the best line-up in my opinion: a Corvette Stingray, Seat Ibiza mkI, Jaguar E-Type and my personal favourite and boyhood pin-up car, a Maserati Ghibli.

The owner of the Ghibli was in attendance and very enthusiastic; he was a Member of the Maserati Owners club and owned 4 Maserati’s including the Maserati Ghibli Cup from the 90’s.

I never got to Drive this Ghibli as I was the guinea pig test run and the driver hadn’t been round the course yet but I didn’t mind – like I said, it was a boyhood dream car and I was more than happy to be a Passenger and I stuck to the old saying of ‘never drive your heroes’. I was, however, very impressed with the way it moved, sounded, stopped and handled as the owner certainly wasn’t shy in giving it the Beans.

And yes, that old car smell of Leather, Oil, and Fags: just can’t be beaten.

Next stop was Ssangyong to Sample the New Rexton


The Rexton was for the off-road course only, which was great, but unfortunately I don’t do much off-roading, so luckily Roger was on-hand to give excellent turn-by-turn instructions that any monkey could follow.

The last time I wrote about Ssangyong was at the Korando Launch where I drove the entire Ssangyong range and I wasn’t particularly kind to the Last Generation Rexton (click here to view).

This New Rexton from Ssangyong really is nothing like the old Model: gone is the old tractor-sounding 2.7 engine and in comes the new euro5 compliant 2.0 Diesel with 360Nm of torque.

The interior has been vastly improved and mostly which is the all important part, so has the way it drives. In the old Rexton you felt very high off the ground and very narrow – like you’d topple if you went too fast round the corner. The new Rexton genuinely feels like a very capable off-roader that’s also at home on the road.

Well done Ssangyong for bringing a credible (and better in my opinion) alternative to a Kia Sportage; with prices from £21,995, it’s Cheaper too.

SimonsCarSpots Rating 6.1/10



What Costs £153,000, Has Brutal Acceleration, weighs 2.5 Tonnes, and is absolutely brilliant….? Yep, that’s right – it’s the Bentley Continental Gtc W12,

Now, this is a car that’s well and truly hard to define by any standards. It weighs 2.5 tons and is capable of acheiving a top speed of 195 mph. It also does 0-60 in 4.4 seconds yet it feels and drives like nothing you’ve ever driven before.

The GTC W12 belies its size by feeling agile,nimble, light as a feather and sure footed with a noise so snarly, throaty, and brutal (and I do mean so hyperwarp that it kicks-you-in-the -kidneys-brutal) when driven hard. It’s so much fun but then – on the other end of the scale – when it’s driven serenely and gently, it’s the most refined drive you’ll have ever had in your life. Either way, driven slow or fast, the Bentley GTC W12 is a car you’ll want to be noticed in.

SimonsCarSpots Rating  9.3/10



Their is no way of saying it but it must be said… the most expensive Car on the SMMT day that I drove was the Rolls Royce Phantom, which starts at £336,000 (plus whatever bespoke options you’d like to add on, of course).

And, as most Phantoms are all different due to the options specified, the true price is the old age adage of  ‘if you have to ask you can’t afford it’. Luckily, Rolls Royce and their modern owners aren’t as secretive as they once were due to new money coming through the ranks.

But Whats The Phantom like as a Drivers car when Rolls Royce themselves use the words ‘waftability’ and ‘sublime Ride’ and describe the comfort of being THE DRIVEN, rather than the Comfort of THE DRIVING?

In all honestly, if you are The Driven, then Rolls Royce really have created the perfect car to be Driven In. However, if you are the Driver then it’s a different story. Although your every whim is catered for with goose down filled sumptuous leather seats and every conceivable luxury item as standard, the Phantom really isn’t much fun as a drivers car.

The steering wheel is perfect though – very thin and just the right size – but then it gets a bit confusing; the switch gear is spaced out all over the place the gears (although using the waftomatic as standard from the steering column) didn’t feel that engaging when selecting drive. In reverse, the indicators (although silent in their operation) feel too low down as their are buttons everywhere – all hand crafted with the love and care that only Rolls Royce can provide – but they just feel scattered rather than positioned to help the driver.

The Phantom’s V12 engine is quiet and the 8 speed automatic is seamless in its actions. When pushed hard, it performs briskly and adequately, rather than feeling like it’s capable of its limited 155mph. Another downside is from the drivers seat you are about 7 feet away from the end of the bonnet (or should I say 7 feet away from the ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’) which acts as a target cross hair for all other cars and riding on standard 22″ wheels as standard most 4×4’s also.

So – all in all, a very well appointed – as expected – car but this one’s certainly not a drivers car in my view

SimonsCarSpot Rating Quality 10/10 Drivers Rating 7.4/10


MG .. been around for donkeys years in the UK,  then gone, then Back again, Hopefully this time MG are back for good.

In the past MG got a good and well deserved reputation for small nimble cars that could handle everything the British roads had to throw at them, and come out the other end better than it’s counterparts could hope for, even the old Rover 25’s were transformed when MG breathed new life into them..This time however MG has come back as a standalone brand again Making Good Honest Cars built and assembled in the Uk.

This MG3 3Form Sport is the top of the range version costing a whopping £10,136.00 including optional upgraded Alloy wheels, and the piano black interior,

Now many People know or don’t know that I drive Rover Streetwise 1.4 which is becoming or may become a future cool car. Size wise the MG3 is around the same size internally and externally where it’s bigger than say a Toyota Aygo but not quite as big as Toyota Yaris so Spacewise the Mg3 is Snug and comfortable rather than Class leading but depending on whether you think of it as Aygo or Yaris Class/Price Everything is very well screwed together and hard wearing ..and an improvement over the street wise, but a little less characterful.

The Mg3  3Form Sports 1.5 litre engine is absolutely brilliant, it’s lively, buzzy, with a little raspy engine note, which if you drive a small car you’ll know about working the engine and holding/keeping the revs up to the sweet spot (around 3300rpm) and having the power at your disposal, ok ok I know 105bhp isn’t class leading and it doesn’t have a turbo like the Fiat Abarth, but when it’s matched to a great Chassis like the MG has, then it’s Smiles per mile aplenty in a 10k car..I liked it a lot and drove the Alpine track twice The MG 3 deserves to do well over here, My only criticism is Please get that I-pod adapter moved from the console  it looks horrible.

SimonsCarSpot Rating 8.7/10 and the joint honest car award

Join me next week for part two featuring


Sunday Night Interactive Blog Topic – It’s Back!

Yes guys, worry no more – you can get your fix this Sunday with our Interactive Blog on At around 9.30pm, during our Guest Spot hour, we will be putting out the results of the Twitter conversations held from 2.30pm, Thursday 8th May until 5pm!

This week’s topic is:

What are your sexiest and un-sexiest cars?

Yes, I know the latter isn’t really a word but there you go, it’s a blog – not a test.

We want to know what cars really ring your ding-a-ling and what cars you seriously find unattractive.

In true Simon’s Car Spots style there are no “rules” – cars can be new, classic, or just plain individual choices. Pictures are always good if you have them and of course, all contributors will get a mention (see examples of our other Interactive Blogs for details).

Looking forward to 2.30pm! Speak you soon from @MotorMistress!

Debbie Mountford AKA Motor Mistress

New York Motor Show Definitive Line-Up

The New York Motor Show has been followed closely by car enthusiasts all over the world. This week, our friends over at Windmill Leasing give us the model lowdown, including concepts and pictures.

Take it away, guys!

New York Motor Show Definitive Line-Up

Special Feature: New York Motor Show Line-Up

The 2014 New York International Auto Show – that opened on April 16th and will run through to April 27th – featured many concept cars and model launches.

Here’s an “in-brief” round up of all the vehicles featured at the show, just for you!


BMW X4 New York Motor Show

The smaller variant of the X6 boasts excellent performance figures and sporting lines; this one’s a must for anyone seeking a sportier SUV (in fact, BMW call it a Sporting Activity Vehicle, making this one an “SAV”.

Nissan Murano

Nissan Murano SUV at New York Motor Show

The eagerly anticipated Nissan Murano was unveiled and the UK will be getting a hybrid. It looks good and the figures work, too – it should be a great addition to the range.

Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept

Land Rover Discover Vision Concept at New York Motor Show

Land Rover announced their future plans for the single-name branded Discovery 5 and announced that there will be other models in the same family. It was announced that one will be the Discovery Sport (which is a Freelander replacement) and more will follow.

Mazda MX-5 chassis

This one wasn’t a car as such, just a glimpse of the new engine and SKYACTIV chassis that will sit behind the new MX-5, due out in 2015.

Mercedes S63 AMG Coupe

New Mercedes S63 AMG at the New York Motor Show

A very exciting replacement for the CL63 AMG was unveiled by Mercedes-Benz in the form of the S63 AMG Coupe. This Supercar will go on sale at the end of 2014 and is expected to cost in the region of £110,000 OTR. In fact, it will be the most expensive vehicle in the model line-up.

BMW M4 Convertible

The new BMW M4 Convertible at the New York Motor Show

The M4 Convertible with its three-piece folding metal roof was unveiled, too. This beauty will get to 62 miles per hour in 4.4 seconds (seven speed automatic version) and will cost from £60,730 OTR. The M4 Convertible will go on sale in September this year.

Mercedes AMG GT

AMG GT Line Drawing at New York Motor Show 2014

Some lucky automotive peeps got invited to a private event where official images of the interior of the new AMG GT Supercar were revealed. Tobias Moers showed a vague line interpretation of the car’s exterior design and told the audience that the engine was expected to be a twin turbo, 500bhp 4.0 litre V8 powerhouse.

What we do have to show you as well is this stunning image of the interior – if the exterior is anything like this, we are sure it will be stunning! What a tease, Mercedes.

Mercedes AMG GT preview New York Motor Show

Kia Sedona

2015 Kia Sedona at the 2014 New York Motor Show

The new Sedona was featured, but it won’t be coming to Europe, let alone the UK. No idea why, being as the SUV market is so buoyant at present but we are sure that the European manufacturer has its reasons.

MINI Countryman (Facelift)

MINI Countryman Facelift at the 2014 New York Motor Show

MINI have refreshed the Countryman with a brave new exterior; they also confirmed that there will be engine tweaks resulting in lower emissions throughout the range and on certain models, performance will improve.

Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II

Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II at the New York Motor Show 2014

We always love a Roller at a Motor Show and this one is no exception. The refreshed Rolls-Royce Ghost saloon Series II model showed mild exterior styling differences and a revised interior. Apparently, Rolls-Royce have improved driving dynamics, too.

Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT

Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT New York Motor Show 2014

Once again, this is a manufacturer we always like to see at a Motor Show. Aston Martin launched their V8 Vantage GT, which is based on the N430. Sadly, this car will only go on sale in America with a price tag of around $100k.

Editor’s Note:

This piece was written by automotive expert Alexander Fergusson-Cooper as Account Content Manager for Windmill Leasing (content provision by Motor Mistress Limited). Contact Windmill Leasing on Twitter @windmillleasing for any leasing, contract hire or general car chat!


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