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Lucky Man – Lexus Gs Pre-Production launch


I am a very lucky man; having just returned from the exclusive launch of the pre- production All New Lexus GS 450h where my wife and I were spoilt with champagne, canopies and a very talented harpist. We had time to socialise before and after the car was
unveiled and met some very interesting people.

I am sitting here wondering why with the millions of people in the UK who would like to be in my position I was chosen?

When the car was unveiled the new grill was a pleasant surprise as it made the car look very different from previous models and quite aggressive (in a nice way). With the front and rear LED lights this car is going to look good on the road.


This car comes with so much equipment I would get writer’s cramp putting it all here, you would get bored and poor old Simon wouldn’t have anything to write about when he goes to the launch in Glasgow. I will however mention the Smart Entry and Start System which as you approach the car turns on a light under the wing mirror so you can
see better, unlocks the door and puts on the inside light, without taking the
key out of your pocket you just get in and press the start button (very nice).

Still wondering why me? Simon had approached me and asked if I would be interested in representing him in the south of England as he lives in Glasgow and it is impractical for him to come this far on every occasion.

I asked if I was chosen because I am 60 years old and have a lot of experience with life? He said no.


The attention to detail on the new GS450h is stunning; some of the things on the outside are hidden Vents to aid Down Force and to cool the brakes as well as tiny wings on the rear
indicator covers to deflect the air away to the side to improve the drag. Most
impressive is a blind spot system that uses sensors in the rear of the car that
detect you have indicated and if there is a vehicle in your blind spot will
flash up an alarm in your wing mirror.


Was I chosen because I looked very sophisticated with my full beard? Simon said if I relied on my looks I would have trouble getting a job advertising face masks.

The inside of the new GS450h is a very nice place to be with seats that took 5 years to perfect with electric front seat adjuster (Driver: 10-way with memory, Passenger: 10-way).

Full map navigation with HDD mapping and a 12 speaker sound system that puts
others to shame.

Was I chosen because you have great respect for my wife and you are trying to impress her? NO.


The Drive Chain looks to be very impressive with the batteries put upright behind the back of the rear seats leaving a large boot with enough space for 4 Full sets of Golf Clubs. It will
be very interesting to drive the production cars when they arrive in June but
from the reviews I have seen it looks like they have made a True Hybrid.

Ok Simon I give up, why did you choose me to represent you and test drive New Cars for your very successful website. I am beginning to wonder why myself Dad.



I must thank Debbie Hunt of Lexus
Hatfield for inviting me to the launch. I have to apologise about some of the
pictures but the launch was so popular it was difficult to get good clear


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