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Unsexy Cars Survey: Unsexy-Car Room 101

We find out what cars our Twitter friends rate as unsexy our latest Interactive Blog – what will go into the Unsexy-Car Room 101?

Last week, we brought you the results of our latest interactive blog – where we asked our friends on Twitter what their sexiest and unsexiest cars were – and told you what cars had made it to the official “sexy car” list.

This week, we are looking at the ones that didn’t make the grade.

The results, to be honest, are rather unsurprising but there were a few cars thrown in there that I didn’t quite expect. The results were interesting, that’s for sure – and there was one resounding overall winner…

In a rather shocking and controversial twist, I have refused entry to the Unsexy-Car Room 101 – it’s my blog so I get to be the judge 😉


Unsexy Car List

@perrysmotors went from naming the gorgeous Jaguar F Type as their sexiest car to shaming the Pontiac Aztek from Breaking Bad as being their least sexy car:

@creditplus_uk also told us that they all decided the Pontiac Aztek was the unsexiest car, too. I have to say, as ugly goes, this one’s pretty bad!

@AVC_Leasing told us that the “’98 Nissan Micra, [their] first car, is unsexy! Like this…

A debate raged for quite some time as @BusinessCarMgr agreed that the “98 Micra [was not] not good.” However, he said that the picture was of an “early 91 Micra [which was, he though] rather lovely! In the end, @BusinessCarMgr posted a picture of a 1998 Micra, with “all bits and baubles” to settle the dispute:

@simonshieldcars, AVC & Business Car Manager weren’t the only people to rate one form of Micra unappealing – Caroline from Simon Shield Cars told us that “Simon’s unsexy car [was the] Nissan Micra (old model)”. I wonder what model year given the lively debate?

@Lease4wheels had two suggestions. This (which he said was an unknown Chinese vehicle – answers on a postcard please?):

And one which I can’t possibly put into Unsexy-car Room 101 (see below)

@infomotiveUK went from from il Monstro (the Alfa Romeo SZ ) to what he called a “monstrosity” – the Hyundai Coupe. He said that “the twin headlight facelift ruined it and to find one in Beige [had made his] day!

@Raceandrally told us that their unsexy car was the Austin Allegro Estate and Caroline at @simonshieldcars told us that her choice would be the “unsexy old shape corolla”:

@Cardeck_UK told us that the ugliest car had to be “that Ssangyong Rodius thing. Vile.” I can see that you’re not fans then, guys!

@simonscarspots told us that he thought the Nissan Tilda was unsexy and he didn’t like another one, either – but the second car I have refused to put in to Room 101… (see below)

Unsexy Car Majority Winner

There was one car that stole the show as holding the crown for the most-unsexy car. What was it? It was the Fiat Multipla, of course!

@autowebuk said that they “still have no idea what they were thinking” when they made it – when I pointed out that it was a practical car they said they weren’t doubting that, it just wasn’t a “looker” :

And they weren’t the only ones! @Imperialcar, @BarrieCrampton, @stoneacremotors, @WindmillLeasing, @alexanderfc all agreed.

@CarDealerCliff did try to save the day by suggesting that this lovely example “with go faster stripes” could change people’s minds, but I think that suggestion was very much tongue in cheek 😉

What were they thinking?

Cars that escaped the Unsexy-Car Room 101

So, yes, I have decided to be judge and jury. There are some I just can’t possibly put into the shame of Unsexy-Car Room 101. Tweet me for a debate, guys J

@SwannAutomotive said that their ugliest car was the Smart44 – come on guys, there are FAR worse looking cars on the road…

@har155 told us that his unsexy cars would be “anything Korean or Japanese – oh and include anything French in the unsexy” – sorry Ian, too sweeping… you are talking about the GT86 in there, after all…

@leejh55 told us that “Any Executive car like Mercedes” should go into Room 101– nope Lee, still not having it! Especially as you cited Jaguar as one that shouldn’t go in and they have cars in the same sector…

@J8mes_b said “Unsexy- Anything by Honda lol”… again, sorry, but no-can-do – far too prejudicial!

@EssexLeasing told us that “not so sexy [was] the Suzuki Alto” – what? A pleasant looking car like the Alto? No – can’t do it, sorry!

@johnwcurtis said that his unsexiest was the Fiat Punto Sport  – this is a bit of a toughie but I honestly think there are far worse offenders. Sorry, John, but I can’t put it into the same category that has cars like the Multipla and the Pontiac Aztek in it!

@motivationco told us that his BMW 7-Series was boring and unsexy: I think you’re jolly lucky to be driving such a nice motor! Can’t put that one in, sorry!

@Lease4wheels Suggested that the Fiat 500 L was even uglier than the random Chinese-manufactured car that he first suggested. I can’t put this in, Aleem – they’re fab cars that do grow on you and no, I’m not sponsored by Fiat J

@simonscarspots told us that his “ugly one” would be the “Ferrari F355” – Simon, I know you are a Car Guru and this is your website but I just can’t bring myself to put any Ferrari in any kind of Room 101, regardless of public / car enthusiast opinion. Sorry – I am sure you’ll tell me why you can’t accept my findings in next week’s Simon Says Blog!

Unsexy Car Blog Links

If you would like to check out some more ugly cars, then why not see what the team at @autowebuk have to say on the subject by reading their Top 11 Ugliest Cars Blog?

@Imperialcar also told us that a good link if you are interested in ugly cars is this one – it is described as being a “totally pointless website” but it’s actually really funny (if a tad controversial):

In the meantime, I hope you have enjoyed our Unsexy Car Blog and I look forward to hearing your feedback @motormistress next week!

Debbie Mountford, Motor Mistress Simon Car Spots Blog

Sexiest Cars Survey

Debbie Mountford - Motor MistressWe find out what our Twitter friends rate as their favourite Sexy car in our latest Interactive Blog


This week we thought it would be fun to find out what all of our Twitter friends thought when it came to naming their sexiest and un-sexiest cars.

As you can imagine, the conversation lasted quite a few hours on Twitter and there were a lot of varied suggestions.

This week, we will be looking at the sexiest cars – our next Interactive Blog will bring you the least sexy…

Sexiest Car List

@infomotiveUK started off by saying that he wasn’t “about sex appeal and cars, I’m more excited by design and engineering!” Then, after a little thought, he suggested the “drop dead gorgeous Alfa Romeo SZ”

This was a rather humorous one and to be honest, it was a suggestion that @simonscarspots “got” more than me (I think it’s the bloke’s sense of humour) – but here is Ben at @Connects2’s sexy car suggestion: “A HOMER SIMPSON CAR”

@perrysmotors have rather excellent taste, in my opinion – they rated the gorgeous Jaguar F Type as their sexiest car:

@Imperialcar favoured the fabulous “Porsche 918 ?” as their pick of the crop!

@AVC_Leasing said “How about this for a Sexy Car? Aston Martin Vanquish” – can’t disagree with that one, lads!

@BarrieCrampton said that the “Sexy Muira” floated his boat:

@simonshieldcars told us that “Simon’s sexy car is the Lamborghini Aventador” and the lovely Caroline’s choice was the “Bentley Continental GT”

@Lease4wheels had one word for this one – “SEXY !!!” Expensive taste, as always, Aleem:

@cars_portsmouth probably gave me the biggest smile of the day with their picture of the BMW 507 – they did say that the Ferrari Dino was on “quite a long list”

@stoneacremotors said that their favourite sexy car was the Ferrari 250 GT SWB – like I said, can’t really argue with any Ferrari offering in my view!

@EssexLeasing gave us an interesting one – they put forward the “’67 Ford Mustang”; I’m sure a lot of people would agree, there!

@Joe_Hallenbeck put forward a concept car as his first sexy car choice – The Cadillac Sixteen:

He also told us that he thought the “Ford GT40 was pretty sexy too [and] Pictured [his] old replica that was a “one off hand built replica by John Tojeiro designer of the AC Ace (pic)”

If that wasn’t enough, he told us that he & his Dad built the V8 – wow! Clever stuff indeed:

@MotorwiseUK gave us a very balanced view and said that “Sexy cars come in any form! From this…

to this!

When I asked if beauty was in the eye of the beholder they agreed, “Absolutely! Same goes for less attractive cars… :-)”. Well said, Tweeps!

@Andy4x4Richards left us all a bit jealous with his sexy car, “Oh look it’s mine!” Great plate, too Andy (apparently XWD means ex-war department in Andy’s business):

@johnwcurtis told us that his sexiest car is the Infiniti QX70 5l V8; I agree that the Infiniti brand is a little under-appreciated over here – they make some really great cars.

@LionheartIns said that he thought “probably one of the most sexy cars is the Aston Martin One-77 – [it’s] almost Batman-esqe” – check out his Pinterest board – there are loads of drool-worthy cars on there!

@WindmillLeasing told us that they “love the quickest Porsche, [which is] the 918 Spyder Hybrid – this is actually one of my favourites, too!

@CarDealerCliff said “How about a 69 Corvette Stingray? Like this one!”

He then proceeded to say that he may be buying one. I have to be the first in the passenger seat if that’s the case – bagsy @MotorMistress!

@Raceandrally put forward another Italian classic – the Ferrari 458 Italia and @alexanderfc said that his sexiest car was “the incontrovertible beauty that is the Jaguar E-Type”; good choices, on both counts!

@LeasingAdvice threw another Ferrari into the pot, telling us that the “F12 berlinetta is our choice for sexiest car :)” – I bet! You’d have to win the lottery to own one, though!

@365Daytonafan gave us a lovely shot of his own… jealous!!

Oliver from @SwannAutomotive told us that his sexiest car was the Lamborghini Aventador (which is also on Simon’s list)

@J8mes_b’s sexy choice was the Jag F type and @Cardeck_UK cited another Jaguar as being their favourite, this time they chose the Jaguar E Type. @leejh55 also told us that “any new style Jag” floated his boat. One thing’s for sure, there can be no denying that Jaguar make some beautiful, timeless cars – even nowadays!

@har155 bought some unusual sexy cars to the table, putting forward his “old 155 in a square line origami kind of way [and] also the original Audi Quattro. He also rated the more conventional Ferrari 250 GT California and Aston Martin V8.


I think @MotorwiseUK really did hit the nail on the head with their comments on the subject – there were many diverse offerings, varying from the retro to the uber-futuristic.

The pole position was a joint tie for sexiest car – Ferrari and Jaguar had 5 nominations each. In second place was Aston Martin with 3 (I was surprised that this wasn’t higher to be honest) and Porsche came in third with just two nominations.

Next time, we will give you the results of the survey for the least sexy cars, including some great links and a very special one from our friends at @autowebuk.

In the meantime, we hope that you enjoyed our Interactive Blog – let us know what you think at @MotorMistress or of course, @Simonscarspots!

Debbie Mountford - Motor Mistress

Disclaimer: All photos submitted by named Twitter IDs, Simons Car Spots Limited accept no liability if any of the images do not have permission from their owner to be displayed on this site. In such an instance please email for prompt removal.


Sunday Night Interactive Blog Topic – It’s Back!

Yes guys, worry no more – you can get your fix this Sunday with our Interactive Blog on At around 9.30pm, during our Guest Spot hour, we will be putting out the results of the Twitter conversations held from 2.30pm, Thursday 8th May until 5pm!

This week’s topic is:

What are your sexiest and un-sexiest cars?

Yes, I know the latter isn’t really a word but there you go, it’s a blog – not a test.

We want to know what cars really ring your ding-a-ling and what cars you seriously find unattractive.

In true Simon’s Car Spots style there are no “rules” – cars can be new, classic, or just plain individual choices. Pictures are always good if you have them and of course, all contributors will get a mention (see examples of our other Interactive Blogs for details).

Looking forward to 2.30pm! Speak you soon from @MotorMistress!

Debbie Mountford AKA Motor Mistress

Exclusive: Beijing Motor Show Line-Up

So, it’s Easter and it is highly likely that tonight’s Guest Spot will be a shorter one than usual, with most of you lovely people enjoying the national holiday (and hopefully the sunshine).

So to keep you entertained, we thought we would let you have a preview of what’s to come at The Beijing Motor Show, which opened its doors today.

Here’s the lowdown on what we think are the most exciting launches and concepts that will be appearing at this year’s show.

Lamborghini Aventador Nazionale

Hot on the heels of the Chinese Huracan debut, here comes another Lambo! The Aventador Nazionale will appear at Beijing and we can’t wait.

This beast of a car will feature the existing 6.5-litre V12 690bhp engine and will get to 62 miles per hour in 2.9 seconds!

VW Golf R400

Rather excitingly, there is a 400bhp VW Golf coming our way. This concept vehicle will certainly be one to watch; the engine will be the standard 2.0 TSI one but VW have tweaked it to emit 395ps and 450Nm of torque.

Rather unexcitingly, VW have said they aren’t planning to produce it, but we can all live in hope.

Bentley Hybrid

We love a Bentley – but a hybrid? This concept will be previewed at Beijing and will share the same plug-in hybrid engine that Bentley are putting into their 2017 SUV.

We don’t think that it looks too inspiring compared to some of the other models in the range but if the figures are anything to go by, we’ll forgive it; this 631bhp engine will emit just 118g/km CO2 emissions and will go for 31 miles on electric alone before the combustion engine comes takes over.

Audi Q4

Apparently, this will be a 2+2 vehicle with a sporty focus – a TT on stilts, if you like.

It is also expected that it will be a 4WD e-tron plug-in hybrid but as yet, this is pretty much all the information we have. Looks the part though, from the sketches, at least.

New Honda Sports Coupe

This interesting artwork leaves us waiting with baited breath – this coupe looks very sporty indeed. However, it won’t be available in the UK; current plans are that it will be for the Chinese market only any may replace the CR-Z over there.

Mercedes Coupe SUV

Now this is an interesting one. Now that Mercedes have finally realised that SUVs sell, they are looking to bring about a BMW X6 rival to their range – hopefully from next year. About time, too.

BMW 9-Series Rumour

By the time this goes to press, we will know if the rumours are true – we are hoping that a 9-Series concept will be revealed at Beijing. If it is, it should be a posher 7-Series that will rival the Mercedes S-Class.

So, there you have it! Enough to give you a taster as to what is to follow this week – follow @motormistress for all Motor Show gossip and up to date news and have a fantastic Easter, everyone!

Desert Island Cars Part Two

Debbie Mountford - Motor MistressThis topic stirred up quite a lot of emotion on Twitter – there were a lot of regular contributors who were – quite literally – left scratching their head when it came to suggesting their desert island car.

A little reminder of the “rules” – quite frankly, there were none. Only to suspend disbelief, fellow contributors were invited to tell us what car they would take to their desert island quite forgetting about fuel and other practicalities (like roads, for example!).

A long series of conversations was sparked off with practical issues and sheer fun being thrown into the mix for discussion; this week we take a look at some of the more lively suggestions as well as some of the more sensible.

Practical Cars

@VantageMotorGrp vouched for the “#Honda #CRV without a doubt! Adventurous and extremely reliable!” There’s no denying the famous Honda reliability and after all, that would be quite a boon on a desert island!

Talking about modern cars, @har155 plumped for a “white Sportage…what else!” after reporting a large number of sightings this week to me on the @MotorMistress channel. Our friends at ?@bolton_kia replied that “haha, funnily we’d have to agree with that! or pro_cee’d GT ;-)” (which may not be quite so practical but it would be fun!)

Continuing the 4×4 theme, @AllansPlymouth replied with “On a desert island? Toyota Land Cruiser.” This car’s one of my favourites, too.

@AutosNorthWest agreed with @AllansPlymouth as far as Toyotas go; he said “ The Toyota Hilux!! At least you know it would last…!” In addition, @Lease4wheels agreed; “those Land Cruiser V8 Petrols would be our 2nd choice, we had one in Dubai desert safari”

Weird and Wonderful Cars

Jay at @SwannAutomotive asked the team and came back with a few suggestions that he wasn’t too sure about, starting with “a car that floats with an outboard engine could be useful…” but as the conversation went on, he told us that “the ideas I’m being told are turning a bit daft – burger van, ice cream truck. I think the guys have been exposed to too much sun & it’s made them go funny-peculiar”.  I don’t think that the team at Swann would last very well on a desert island in that case, do you? It’s only March, after all, guys!

This one stole the show for me. @BarrieCrampton told us, “Mine would be an Amphicar  on the slim chance that i missed civilisation and wanted to get back”. Yes, it’s the “car that swims” – check it out at – not actually sure if it would get Barrie all the way back to Britain but there you go – how funny!

Barrie wasn’t the only one thinking about amphibious cars – @veedubhev said “How about an aqua car to be able to get home to my Vdubs?” (Heather is a massive VW fan!)

@Joe_Hallenbeck came up with a corker – this would surely do the job on any desert island!

Finally, @LionheartIns sensibly suggested that “for a desert island you could use solar power!”

Fun Cars

If you are stuck on a desert island then you need a bit of fun to take away the monotony of eating coconuts all day and  writing SOS in the sand. Here are some of our tweep’s fun car suggestions:

@LionheartIns told us that a “Beach buggy would be fun!” and @Imperialcar agreed, tweeting “VW Beach buggy… At least it all be fun =)”

@J8mes_b asked if “bikes [were] allowed? Honda CRF450 if so.” Go on, then.

@S_J_Bizzle “[loved] the idea of roughing it in an open-top Jeep Wrangler.” These are fantastic fun and a suggestion that I have to agree with.

@CarbaseUK tweeted “Nice topic Debbie! For a desert island it would have to be a convertible…or a Jeep” – good taste and jolly good fun!

All-Time Favourites

@olddiesel just couldn’t make up his mind; “Hard to say – I think I’d have something a bit random – something 80s/early 90s… theres Classic Saab 900, Pug 205 diesel, Volvo 240 SALOON, Cavalier SRI 130, or an original model Nissan Primera or Mk 1 Mondeo V6”. He finally decided on a “black Cossie Granada 24 valve saloon”

Rally Enthusiast’s Choice

This was one that I wasn’t really expecting (I don’t know why actually as it seems pretty obvious now that a rally car would be perfect over desert island terrain) but after all, this is more Simon’s bag than mine.

@infomotiveUK told us;

“I’m hoping ‘island’ means Corsica and in which case it’ll have to be a Subaru Impreza 22B. The 22B is an icon of tarmac rallying! I should also explain that Corsica is a bit like Mecca to tarmac rallying folk :)

But if a desert island then it’ll have to be a Peugeot 405T16. The Peugeot 405T16 is a Paris-Dakar legend, hence my ‘desert’ island choice.

@Raceandrally suggested the iconic “Ford Escort Mk 2 RS 1800 rally car”

@J8mes_b threw the “Metro 6R4” into the ring – great choices, guys!


So, that’s it, folks – we hope you have enjoyed this blog as much as we have! A massive thanks to all the contributors who make it all possible ?

If you want to know what cars Simon & I would bring to our own desert islands then stay tuned for next week’s new “Simon Says” blog where all will be revealed.

In the meantime, have fun and keep on car-spotting – send all your pics to @Simonscarspots as usual and we will see you on the site again very soon soon!

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New Simon Says Guest Blog Feature

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Desert Island Cars Part One

Debbie Mountford - Motor MistressThis week we thought it would be fun to find out what YOUR Desert Island car would be. We asked our Twitter friends what they would take to a desert island with them if, of course, they found themselves in this rather hypothetical situation.

Now, this could have been a blog about the most practical car in the world to cope with desert island terrain but of course, unless it’s a solar powered car (like @lionheartins pointed out) it would be pretty pointless suggesting anything.

So “no-holds-barred” suggestions were encouraged; forget about fuel, practicalities and everything else and tell us what your choice of car would be. As @infomotiveUK quite rightly said, it is quite difficult to just have one favourite car – it was a bit of a toughie, in fact!

After all, if you were marooned on a desert island, you may not be able to bring your whole fleet 😉 Let’s see what everyone had to say – as usual, the thread was very long so we have split our blog up into two instalments.

Cars that you can live in

This was an interesting idea – a few tweeps bought up the camper van as their ideal desert island car.

@SandallCarCare, who refurbish and bring back to life vintage cars, told us about their “1971 VW Microbus when it is finished…which won’t be too long!  I’m currently updating our blog about the build, and I’ll post some pics too…!” in the meantime, here are some exclusive pictures of their exciting project right here!

@cars_portsmouth also agreed that a camper is the way to go; “Ooh Debbie That’s a good one. Mine might have to be A Type 2 VW Camper Van Pop Top…” and @MotorwiseUK replied by saying “Our thoughts exactly! – that would be the life!

@cars_portsmouth also later pointed out that you “wouldn’t need an engine! Just a fridge! The top could as a boat to go fishing!”

@AVC_Leasing couldn’t agree more, saying that they would “go for a VW Camper Van too – can’t beat em!”

Another camper van fan is @CarDealerCliff who told us that he would take his “VW T32, converted in to a camper. Bed, tv [&] cooker. Perfect for island life”. Lucky Cliff – owning a desert island car already!

@loukafinefinish told us that they would “go for one of our [own] trusty vans – they get our team across the UK daily and never let us down!” – perhaps they would be big enough to live in, too – they certainly look smart enough!

Cars to keep you company

This one had us all hooting with laughter here at the Motor Mistress HQ. @SamRoseChilcott told us that if she could choose anything, she would “want a speaking car like Knight Rider – so I’ve got some kind of companion haha!!”

How very ingenious – I think company is the thing we would miss the most after all if we found ourselves marooned!

Dream Cars

Of course, the rules of our blog was that dream cars were allowed. So here goes!

@CriteriaCars said that “for me it would be a Porsche 356 speedster in black. Simply stunning! I’ll take Mariah with me, her dress will make a great duster.”

I think taking a lady is against the rules and I very much doubt that her dress being used as a duster to keep his black car shiny would be the main reason for choosing Mariah – but correct me if I’m wrong, Ben! J

@Individual_FS cited “the #Maserati Gran Cabrio” as their desert island car – stunning and a good colour for the heat, too (with red leather, of course):

@carloan4u found it touch to choose but eventually they settled on a “Ferrari 250 GT California or F40”. It’s a hard life, tweeps, but sounds like a plan to me!

Luxury Practical Cars

No desert island car blog would be complete without practical car suggestions; never one for roughing it, ?@Lease4wheels came in with the practical and very luxurious G63 AMG

Another luxury 4×4 suggestion came from Ben at ?@Connects2 “In terms of practicality, it’d have to be a Range Rover! Could sleep in it too.” Well said.

The Land Rover

@johnwcurtis favoured the Land Rover Discovery TD5 and he wasn’t the only Land Rover fan. @J8mes_b opted for the “CSK Range Rover [or the] Series 1 Landy and @SamRoseChilcott suggested a “Land Rover Wolf”.

@EssexLeasing told us that they would “go for the Land Rover Discovery all day long. Loads of room & excellent on all terrain; comfy too!”

@AutosNorthWest also agreed “Land Rover hands down!” and @Andy4x4Richards also told us that his desert island car “would have to be a Land Rover as it’s our main line ;)”. When I told Andy that Land Rovers were coming in as the most popular choice he was not surprised – can’t think why, of course.

@LeasingAdvice told us that for them there was only one contender, citing a “Defender of course! [as being] THE only desert island choice for us!” and our very own @alexanderfc had to agree “the Land Rover Defender is the ONLY car that you would want on a desert island. Full stop!”


So there we have it. Part one of our Desert Island Car blog all done and dusted – and what a hoot it was putting it all together.

Next week, we will be taking a look at the weird and wonderful cars, practical cars, rally enthusiast’s cars and just cars that are plain fun.

In the meantime, get involved in the conversation and let us know what you think at @MotorMistress or of course, @Simonscarspots!

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New Simon Says Guest Blog Feature

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This Week’s Interactive Blog Topic: Desert Island Cars

Debbie Mountford - Motor MistressYes guys, it’s a rather random title that quite frankly, doesn’t really make sense. If you were to find yourself on a desert island, we are sure that cars would be the last thing on your mind. In any event, there’s the fuel to think about and practical things like… umm… roads.

Desert Island Cars

Practicalities aside, suspend your disbelief and run with it: we want to know what car you would take to a desert island with you. In other words, what is your favourite car in all the world?

Get involved on Twitter today by tweeting @Motormistress and feel free to copy in the man himself, Simon Ford @Simonscarspots – it will be interesting to see what is your overall favourite or if the results will be diverse and more on the unexpected side.

New Simon Says Guest Blog Feature

Don’t forget, if you want to get your very own guest blog on our new #Simonsays feature, drop us your story for possible inclusion in the coming weeks.*

As usual, we will credit all contributors and look forward to some lively conversations when the blog goes live at 9pm Sunday night!

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*n.b Simon Says feature not suitable for commercial blogs, we also cannot guarantee that all blogs will be featured.

Parent’s Car Nostalgia: Week Two #UkBlogAwards #McMotor

What a fabulous and entertaining topic this one turned out to be; we have already heard some inspirational tales and a good bit of old-fashioned heart-warming nostalgia to warm our cockles.

What became very apparent is that our parent’s generation were very different to ours – they practiced the “make do and mend” philosophy. Cars were run as a necessity (in the main) rather than an accessory.

Cars were there to serve a purpose and serve it they did – many of our parent’s cars just kept on going and going; right until there was literally no more mileage left in them.

Rather than trading them in when they started to show signs of tiredness, our parent’s generation were much more likely to “patch them up”. Whilst I am sure that there are probably some health and safety / legal issues surrounding a lot of these methods (that certainly wouldn’t pass muster today) you have to admire them.

Waste no, want not: the theory applied to cars. I don’t feel that this is a way of thinking any future generation will ever really take up in quite the same way again.

My Childhood Car Shame

My Mum had a brand new fiesta when I was little – I must have been about 8 or 9 at the time (do you know the Fiesta has been around since 1976??). It was Mum’s first new car; Dad had bought it for her and it was a big deal indeed.

Now this was back in the days when people didn’t wear seat belts: kids included. When Mum would drive us around, I would usually lean forward with my head between the seats and talk to her. Actually (and to be fair to my Mum, here) she used to tell me off in case she braked and I went through the window (!).

So I took to sitting on the rear passenger side and talking to her through the headrest, which was like a square rubber ring (rather than a solid head restraint). When I leant on it, I could look through the middle and would chew the rubber somewhat inadvertently.

One day I noticed that there was a REALLY big mark on the headrest and I knew that the next day it was going into my Dad’s for a service. I spent a whole sleepless night worrying about what would happen. Would I send my parents into financial ruin by wrecking Mum’s nice new car? Could it ever be repaired? What would they say?

Well actually, they said nothing. Because they never noticed. But somewhere, there is a 1982 Ford Fiesta running around with a grey front passenger headrest with a hole in it. That is, of course, if it’s still going…

Classic Cars

@simonshieldcars told us “Simon’s dad had an old Riley.  Chrome all polished & shiny & the peacocks used to attack it, thinking it was another one”

@cars_portsmouth told us that his “Dad had a 1920 Bentley 3.5 Litre and a 1953 Sunbeam Alpine.  [He was] a serial hoarder of cars, that never achieved their potential.” What a shame – nothing better than a lovely old Bentley restored to its former glory!

Cars that Cause Fights

Yes, there are such things. Between siblings anyway – the most common squabbles were all about the seating arrangements:

@NorthCityAutos’ Dad “had a Humber with bench front seat. [There were] 3 kids so one always sat in the back pretending they were pleased with fold down armrest.” There’s always one short straw!

There were two fellow Tweeps that mentioned the infamous 7-Seat Volvo:

@SwannAutomotive told us; “we also had a volvo that had seats in the boot – we argued about who got to sit there just so we could pull faces at other cars – yup! 2 seats, 4 kids, lots of mischief. Karma has now come full circle & we are now the parents with squabbling bambinos!”

@Cardeck_UK also remembered that their “parents has a brown car with seats in the boot” When I asked them is this was another Volvo estate story – and if they, too, fought over the back seats, they replied “Yep lots of elbowing! Fighting who went in the back seats and getting in trouble for waving at people! [The 7 seat Volvo] should be renamed troublemaker”. Quite!

“Old Faithfuls”

We usually associate older cars with unreliability but sometimes, this just wasn’t the case.

@MrLudders50 told us about his trip in a “Reliant Bond 3 wheeler, Midlands to Minehead [in the] 60’s…It was a very enlightening experience! Sick bags and all!”

@LionheartIns’ Dad “had [an] 1100 beetle that he took through 200k miles”

@olddiesel agreed that he was most impressed with “the little Beetle. Didn’t Auto express do an article on a chap with a mega high mile Morris Minor he had from new??? – may be wrong though”. Answers on a postcard please, chaps!

@CarbaseUK told us “I was driven around in a battleship grey Morris Minor 1000 as a child. Loved it until its doors rusted off.” Classic.

Nostalgic Stories

@JA_Autos told us about his parent’s “burgundy Cortina [that was] driven to the South of France [with an] 8 track cassette [with] the only 8 tracks [being] Neil Diamond – it was a long journey”. I’ll bet – however, I did point out that at least they are set up for future karaoke sessions! They did admit that although they were “still suffering now” they “do a good Sweet Caroline :)”.

@simonshieldcars told us about her “Family day out in Audi 80 to park, grandpa got into back seat & we could smell smoke. Pants on fire. Battery was under seat”. Vorsprung Durch Technik Perhaps not! Poor old Gramps!

@Lease4wheels’ Dad had a “1987 Sierra XR 4×4 2.9i Saloon in Black. What a Car!!” I did ask if it had tinted windows and Gangsta wheels but Aleem pointed out that his “dad wasn’t 2PAC. Lol”

Banger Tales

@NorthCityAutos remembers “Coat hanger aerials & tights to repair fan belts #MrFixIt” and @LionheartIns “Mum’s mini had rust holes in the floor & you could see the tarmac as she drove along.” When I pointed out the possible legal implications, Dave was quite happy that nobody could prove it, especially being as it is probably now in the great car yard in the sky – after all, it was an “original “C” reg”.

@S_J_Bizzle (our friend from @stoneacremotors) told us that his “most vivid memory is my dad’s 92 (?) Astra spontaneously combusting in a car park.” Nice – hope nobody was hurt, Sam!

Boring Cars

There were quite a few Tweeps telling us actually how boring their parent’s cars were!

@cars_portsmouth found his parent’s “Green Fiat Strada [an] all time low! [especially as] 5 Had to sleep in it once!!” I’m not entirely surprised, in that case!

@Cardeck_UK told us that his parents had “Dodgy Mondeos, Ford Sierra Sapphire and a Blue Orion! They put me off [cars] – I am learning at the moment at the grand old age of 28!”

@olddiesel wasn’t impressed, either – his parents had “All “boring” Japanese cars, my uncle was the one who did interesting cars – Pug 504 estate, E34 5 series etc.”

Car Disasters

@leejh55 remembered (possibly not quite so fondly) “Talbot Horizon misery when the glass radiator water reservoir blew up on the M1”

@SwannAutomotive told us quite a traumatic tale of their “dad’s white Rancho being put on a wrecker, I was @ 8/9… I remember thinking we were really high but I was a child – everything was big. The windows got smashed too; it was like a claw in an arcade game”. Scarred for life, methinks!


Ending this fabulous two-part blog is an email from the lovely @johnwcurtis:

“When I was 5 and my dad had a new Hillman Hunter.

We visited a pond in the New Forest, close to our house, to scoop up frogspawn (it was legal then).

I had my wellies and a jar with a string round it and ventured into the pond. I went in a little way and my welly got stuck in the mud. I tried to free it but couldn’t. As I turned to look at my dad who said he was coming to save me, I lost my balance and sat down in the stagnant, smelly, black mud.

My dad was furious and said I couldn’t get in his new car with my clothes stinking like a farmyard and of course, I was soaked right though.

I was made to strip off in the car park and sit on newspapers that he found in a bin, all the way home. Gutted!”

How funny. Inspirational parents? Not always! But cars always feature when it comes to looking back at our childhood memories – even for @J8mes_b and @specialistcars1 whose parents didn’t have a car, automobiles will always represent a certain era in our lives.

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