How to: Never, ever, get a speeding ticket.

It should be fairly easy to stick to the speed limit, but some of us just have a lead foot. If you are the sort of person who finds it tough to follow the speed limit, you might need a few tips to lighten up your heavy accelerating.

Watch your speedometer

Working for PassSmart, I get a lot of tips from driving instructors on how to drive more safely and efficiently. The best tip I ever got was also the simplest: Watch your speedometer. Remember how important it was when you were having your driving lessons. You need to reignite your lust for the speedometer and watch it more.

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Check your speed whenever you enter a new speed zone

This is a simple trick where you make sure you adjust your speed to the right level every time you see a speed sign. The speed limits on roads in urban areas change so frequently that you will hardly have the time to break the speed limit.

Take your foot off of the accelerator when you see a speed limit sign

Poor drivers will use a brake when they see a speed limit sign, and will speed up when they see a speed limit increase. A good driver will see a speed limit drop and will take his or her foot off of the accelerator. That way by the time that the car has reached the speed limit sign, it has already slowed down to the correct speed limit. Good drivers will also accelerate after passing a speed limit sign that indicates an increase in speed. They will not increase their speed on the way up to a speed change sign.

Focus on your driving

If your concentration is focused on driving and nothing else, then you should easily be able to spot when you are exceeding the speed limit, and you should be able to adjust your speed accordingly.

Hover your foot over the brake when going down hill

You should keep your foot over the brake when you are going downhill, and you should make sure that you apply the brake if you start going too fast. It may also be a good idea to drop down a gear, if you are going too fast down a hill.

Use your common sense

When the lampposts are not spaced widely apart, then it is a good indication that this is an area with slower speed limits. You should also be aware that most built up areas are going to have a lower speed limit, most usually indicated by lampposts being pretty close together.

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