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Mercedes-Benz to launch new adventurous G-Class in the UK (Contributed Article)

Daimler’s subsidiary Mercedes-Benz has announced to launch the new and face lifted G-Class, which the press in Germany has dubbed the “German-American SUV” for its size and power, this autumn. According to reports, the new Mercedes-Benz G-Class will go into production in the United Kingdom in September.

Big, powerful and comfortable are the adjectives generally used to describe Sport Utility Vehicles. But the face lifted Mercedes G-Class offers even more. It is luxurious while providing excellent off road abilities, maximum safety and a feeling of being on a safari. It also brings with it a sense of nostalgia and history as the G-Class is a true Mercedes original. It is the longest produced model in Mercedes-Benz and Daimler history with a span of 33 years. It was originally built as a military vehicle for an Iranian Shah and then offered as a civilian version in 1979.

Since the late 1970s, the G-Class has been remodelled and face lifted several times. The newest version will now finally hit the market in the UK this autumn. While the SUV kept its trademark features, it has received new standard equipment. The G-Class will come with LED daytime running lights, new 18-inch alloy wheels and parking cameras. It is also equipped with electric folding and heated mirrors as well as heated front and rear leather seats to make the winters more pleasant. And to add some music to the driving fun, it comes with a Harman Kardon audio system.

While the SUV received a new look and new standard equipment, performance and economy figures remain unchanged for the 3.0-litre V6 diesel G350 Bluetec. It produces 208bhp and achieves 25.2mpg on the combined fuel cycle. CO2 emissions are also unchanged at 295 grams per kilometre.

The G-Class G63 AMG, however, has received an update inside out. From September on, the G63 AMG will be available with a tuning arm’s exterior body kit, a redesigned radiator grille, wheel arch extensions, a bespoke sports exhaust system and new 20-inch alloy wheels besides the already mentioned standard equipment. The car’s twin-turbo 5.5-litre V8 engine produces 537bph, an increase of 37bhp compared to its predecessor G55. It boasts 561lb ft of torque, up 44lb ft over the G55. Although the car has more power now it uses 15 per cent less energy and emits 13 per cent less CO2 at 322 g/km.

The two face lifted Mercedes-Benz G-Class models will be available from £82,945 for the entry level G350 Bluetec. The sportier G63 AMG version will hit the market from a whopping £123,115. For more information on new Mercedes-Benz offers, click here.



The New Mercedes C-Class (Contributed Article)

Yet another Mercedes novelty will hit our roads in 2014. You would think that in the current economic climate, any car manufacturer would tighten the belt and hold on until the storm is past. Not so Mercedes, who are about to grace us with the new iteration of their C Class.

What kind of vehicle can we expect? The A Class brand witnessed some radical novelties from one model to the next. More generally speaking, Mercedes convertible cars have seen a great deal of changes over their history. But the new Class C is no extremist. It offers an evolution, not a revolution, by comparison with the previous car of its kind, the W204. The steps forward it takes are stylish, yet orthodox.

The most interesting aspect of the new C Class is the way it connects with the Class A – if not historically, then from an engineering point of view. Several of the engines are going to be renewed by borrowing the models from the A Class (the 1.6 turbo, for instance, which will replace the current 1.8 model). The transmission system will also change in that sense, with the 7G-Dct (again, from the higher class) being one of the options for the 2014 model, along with the 7G-Tronic Plus and the new automatic nine-shift to be introduced.

These evolutions are, as we mentioned above, of a predictable nature – one expects a new model to have a smoother engine. Likewise, the greater efficiency (which allows for a smaller tank), the decrease in weight due to the new light alloys, and the shorter, more aerodynamic build, are improvements of the type we expect. They are welcome, but they follow any car’s linear path of evolution.

What is more fascinating about this new model is the way it reveals Mercedes’ new target audience for the C Class. They are clearly aiming for younger drivers. We may go as far as to see the new model as a vector for the generational exchange taking place simultaneously within the German manufacturer’s developers, and amid their drivers.

Evidence for this is not only in the more sporty appearance of the car, which draws the eyes of people looking for both fun and practicality. It is especially in the emphasis on new technology found in the car’s interior design – again, a feature that comes straight from the A Class. The COMAND online multimedia system will allow drivers to connect an iPhone to their car and access both the phone and the car’s functions via a single platform. It will also open a world of possibilities in terms of vocal commands.

Connectivity is the key word of the new generation and it is one of the focal bets of Mercedes’ newest models. The C Class is, in its modesty, exceptionally revealing.


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